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Phillip Colla is a freelance photographer, videographer and natural history writer specializing in wild marine mammals, the California kelp forest, and inhabitants of remote eastern Pacific islands. Particular strengths of his include an understanding of the underwater dynamics of socializing and competing humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), using breath-hold diving to obtain spectacular images of marine animals large and small, and combining personal experience and factual research into exciting natural history writing.

He is probably the only photographer in the world whose catalog includes underwater images of blue whales (the largest animal ever to have lived), rare endangered Guadalupe fur seals, Pacific white-sided dolphins, socializing groups of sperm whales, a newborn gray whale calf in the wild, humpback whale competitive ("fighting") groups, the odd ocean sunfish (Mola mola), distant and pristine Rose Atoll National Wildlife Sanctuary, and Olympic champion swimmers accompanied by wild dolphins. Most of his photographs are taken breathhold diving, far from shore.


    BBC Wildlife, International Wildlife and Ranger Rick, Nature's Best, All Animals, Ocean Realm, Reader´s Digest,  Tauchen (Germany), Science, New York Times, United Press International, Living Planet (Australia), Skin Diver, Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, Unterwasser (Germany), Marine Photo (Japan), Islands, Natural World (UK), Surfing Girl (yeah baby), Carve Surf (UK), Sports Illustrated for Kids, Islands, USA Today, Outdoor California, California Wild.

Books / Calendars / Paper Goods:

    National Geographic Society, World Wildlife Fund, American Greetings, Time Inc., Prentice Hall, Voyageur Press, Nature Company Guides, Trident Press (UK), Heinemann (UK, NZ), Dorling-Kindersley (UK), Colin Baxter (UK), Sichtweise Verlag (Germany), Lonely Planet Guides, McGraw-Hill, Mondadori (Italy), Kodansha (Japan), Stone Creek Publications, Portal calendars.

Museums / Aquaria / Science, Environmental and Research Organizations:

    John Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), Monterey Bay Aquarium, Florida Aquarium, Long Beach Aquarium, Royal Ontario Museum (Canada), Scripps Institute of Oceanography Steven Birch Aquarium, Newport Aquarium (Kentucky), Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Denver Museum of Natural History, Columbus Zoo, World Wildlife Fund, Sea Shepard Society, ASPCA, Southern Methodist University, University of Southern California, Catalina Conservation Society, Ocean Conservancy.

Broadcast and Assignments:

    "Hawaii´s Marine Mammals." Bo Bodart, producer, 1999.

    "The Science of Whales." Sperm whale and humpback whale contributions. Discovery Channel. Bo Bodart, producer, Palo Alto, August 1998.

    "People for the Planet: Victor B. Scheffer." Sperm whale footage. Outdoor Network, David Powell, producer, 1998.

    Principal underwater videographer, Tokyo Broadcasting System / Amazing Animals, two documentary programs about sperm whales in the Azores, for general broadcast and home video, 1997.

    "Champions of the Wild." Humpback whale footage. Discovery Channel (Canada), produced by Omni Films, Vancouver, 1997.

    "Hawaii's Humpbacks, Pacific Voyagers." Humpback whale footage. Discovery Channel (International), John Dobovan, producer, 1997.

    Photographer of record, United States Fish and Wildlife Service damage assessment survey of the wreck of the Jin Shiang Fa, Rose Atoll National Wildlife Sanctuary, 1995.

    Videographer and photographer, Sony Entertainment (1994) and Tokyo Broadcasting System / Amazing Animals (1995, 1996), four entertainment and documentary programs about Atlantic spotted dolphin and Olympic champion swimmers, for general broadcast and home video.

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